Saturday January 7, 2006 Hong Kong

Eason Chan and Hilary Tsui haves been dating for 10 years now. In 2004, Eason proposed to Hilary on her birthday. In October, their daughter was born. In March of this year, Eason and Hilary plan on getting married. Hilary has always thought of getting married outside of Hong Kong but, since their daughter is still young and Eason's father is still busy with his trial, they have decided to wed in Hong Kong....
Nicholas Tse had attended a function at Beijing for his Mandarin album, Release. He was also organized to be promotiong in eight cities. In the function, they announced that after releasing the album for half a month, the worldwide album sales has already been a million copies. Nicholas said, "The promotion in mainland has not yet started and the album response is already good. I hope everyone will not buy pirated cds so the sales can exceed 2 million copies!

The year 06 has begun and the first pair in the entertainment circle have split. Six years ago Ekin and Gigi received a lot of pressure stepping into the relationship road. No one predicted that yesterday rumors of their split would spread. Both Gigi and Ekin’s managers have confirmed this situation.

Six years ago, when Gigi Leung stepped into Ekin and Maggie Siu’s relationship they were titled 「奪麵雙琪」(Meen refers to Ekin and Seung Kei is both Gigi and Maggie because of the same Kei in...
Wednesday January 4, 2006 Hong Kong

In efforts to promote TVB JSG's voting system, TVB invited all artists to take part and promote their voting system. There were 37 artists who attended and voted. These are the results from the artists' votes (on who they support.)

Most Supported Female Singer
Denise Ho
Most Supported Male Newcomer
Most Supported Female Newcomer
Ivana Wong
Most Supported Male Singer
Eason Chan

At this event, Eason...