I love this series
I think the story is great with many surprising mystery
boby act very well and kenix is hot. They work very well together
It about to end and the thrill is killing me. I already figure of my the story line but i wont spoil it for everyone. I figure it out because I had a dream before seeing eposide 16 that who is the main murder is. I hope I am correct
I give this movie a 5/5

cast 5/5
plot 4/5
love between the character 4/5
length of the movie 5/5

Damn is this a good series or what. There's so much suspense in the movie and I'm glad there are several comical events in the series, other wise it woulda been boring. I never really liked that guy Bosco but he does a pretty good job in the movie. I give this a 4/5 even though I haven't watched the ending yet.

whats everyone elses opinion on this series?

Prepare to be 'Fearless' in August

by Mark Pollard


This coming August is shaping up to be a busy month for martial arts movie enthusiasts in the U.S. The latest news is that Rogue Pictures has set Jet Li's Fearless for wide release on August 4th, ahead of two other notable genre films.

Jet Li's reportedly final kung fu movie and one of his most anticipated in years will be playing in over 600 theaters...
Saturday February 18, 2006 Taiwan

Top 10 downloaded Mandarin songs:

1) Ye Qu (Nocturne): Jay Chou
Composer: Jay Chou
Lyrics: Vincent Fang

2) Zheng Yi Zhi Yen Bi Yi Zhi Yen (Open One Eye, Close one Eye): Jolin Tsai
Original Song: Do it Again: Voodoobeats
Original Composer: Mads Hauge/ Vincent Degiorgio

3) Ai Mei (Ambiguous): Rainie Yang
Composer: Chen Xiao Xia
Lyrics: Lin Xi Ban

4) Yi Shou Jian Dan De Ge (Simple Song): Wang Leehom
Composer: Wang Leehom...
Tuesday February 21, 2006 Hong Kong

Kelly Chen, Jordan Chan, Tiffany Lee, Jordan Chan, Leo Ku, Janice Wei, Soler, Paul Huang, Rain Li, 2R and Yumiko Cheng attended a music function. This function was organised because from February the 26th till November the 26th, on every Sunday, there will be a singer performing a free show at Tongluowan. Eason Chan will be the first singer to perform.