Saturday March 4, 2006 Hong Kong

Niki Chow, Sharon Chan, Roger Kwok and Yan Ng attended the filming of TVB’s new game show ‘15/16’. Niki’s latest television series, Under the Canopy of Love, has achieved great results by reaching 30 points in its first week of airing. On Thursday night, she expressed her happiness and thanked viewers for their support. She also revealed that the company will be having a celebration dinner. She was then asked if she...
Thursday February 23, 2006 Shanghai

On 23rd February, Two Heroes of Earth met in Shanghai and put up an exciting performance for the fans.

After finishing a full day of album promotions in Beijing on the 23rd, Leehom had to rush to Shanghai. During this time, Jin, the American champion in freestyle rapping who had just released his second album, was having his live performance tour in Shanghai.

Leehom, 30 this year, collaborated with Jin, 23, on...
Thursday March 2, 2006 Hong Kong

After renewing her contract with BMA, Jade Kwan has been given the chance to release an album which will be released in early May. Yesterday when attending a function, she expressed that after experiencing last year, she has realised that it is not a must for companies to release album for their artists and so, she will appreciate her chance. Earlier, Jade had revealed that she would cut her hair for a change of style,...
Wednesday March 1, 2006 Hong Kong

Bosco Wong Chung Chak has an energetic and sunshine feel to him. In most of his series, he has played lively and mischievous characters as well.

It is therefore unthinkable that Bosco can be quite authorative when it comes to his beloved dog, Kapum. Bosco can be like an "angry father" when it comes to discipling Kapum!

Kapum is a 3 year old large breed bulldog. What does the name Kapum mean? Kapum is actually a...
Tuesday February 28, 2006 Hong Kong

Recently TVB has been preparing for a Hong Kong version of Bridget Jone's Diary and changed the name into 《肥田囍事》. It is temporarily planned for it to start filming in May and the female lead has to gain 20 pounds to get a fat girl look!

Even though the role requires a big sacrafice, Fa Dan Myolie Wu became the lead and Alex Fong Chung Sun will be playing the role of Hugh Grant. While filming Tai Gik, Myolie...