Does anyone know if a DVD will be released for Leehom's concert that he had in Taiwan a few months back?
Sunday May 21, 2006 Hong Kong

1. 感應- Vincy Chan
2. 恢復自由- Wilfred Lau
3. 鼎鼎大名- Shine
4. 張開眼睛- Andy Lau
5. 死物它- Grace Yip
6. 糖不甩- Fiona Sit
7. 狼女- Yumiko Cheng
8. 情歌的情歌- Joey Yung
9. 玉石樂隊- Jade Kwan
10. 自由像你- Wu Lam (胡林)


幸而- Myolie Wu
願我可以學會放低你- Denise Ho
為你打氣- A.S.A
滾- Edmond Leung & Miriam Yeung
Sunday May 21, 2006 Hong Kong

Fiona Sit, Jill Wei and Soler yesterday attended a crystal exhibition and each received a small crystal statue. Fiona disclosed that she has always liked purchasing crystals because not only do they look nice, crystals also bring good luck. She also revealed that she has many crystals on display at home. She then stated that she was extremely happy with the round shaped crystal she was given by the...
[​IMG] Saturday May 20, 2006 Hong Kong Two days ago, TVB's "All About Women" was released and the original 10,000 copies that were released were sold out. Because of good sales, top TVB official Lok Yi Ling immediately called Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, and Vivien Yeo to a press conference to reveal that more copies will be released for sale. With the sales being high, Lok Yi Ling is very happy. She further says Paco contacted her and says he is...