Vietnamese girls in US

Discussion in 'Vietnamese Chat' started by lil_zumster, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. lil_zumster

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    hey guys, i'm just kind like wondering.......well at least it happen at my school.... most of the viet girl i know that they were natural born US...mostly they hang out with white or other race..and they barely hang out with us viet...

    it's becuz they were get used to hang out with white when they were kid????

    cuz i'ts happen to my cousin that born here as well....
  2. it's called being white washed, banana, non-fob, cream sponge cake, whatever you wanna call it
  3. fearless_fx

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    cream sponge cake is a new one to me lol
  4. i was thinking of the word twinkie, but i couldn't think of it at the time lol
  5. negiqboyz

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    Hmmm .. I can't say much cuz honestly, I haven't met any "Vietnamese" girls who were born here in the US before. Perhaps ya'll right, they're white washed trash.
  6. marron

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    honestly, what's wrong with hanging out with white ppl?
    we are as normal as other race............................................
  7. blkperc

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    most asian girls at my school are whitewash...
    if u want to hang out with them...then fit in, stop playin big 2...LOL -whistle
    but mehhhhhhh....who cares
  8. phamthao

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    Maybe they forgotten their culture or some..

    That happened in my school too. Some born in US maybe don't like to hang out with some just been to US.It's so weird to resent like that!
  9. midnight_blues

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    nah, i think its the way we hang out and the enviroment we are in and probably we becoming more westernized. my cousin went to a white school and she gotten used to date white guys i ask her one time how come she never date a viet guy.. she told me that there wasnt any viet guys at school or in community . im born here i have vietnamese friends and also i have asian and non asian friends..
  10. dhunter

    dhunter Well-Known Member

    just depends on the enviroment they were raised in...and if they had any asian friends when growing up....
    80% of my friends are all white.. theother asian friends I didn't really meet till after I finished high school..
    lol my school was spot the asian kid...
  11. klose2701

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    ok if the vietnamese girls who were born in vietnam, do most of them hang out with the American guys who live there ? The answer will yes but just a small amount. it depends on the environment you live. Simple question, simple answer.
  12. davo2097

    davo2097 Active Member

    as most people said its the environment, they dont feel too comfy hanging with viet people cause maybe they think alittle differently? im a guy and im kinda in the same spot.

    its not that i dislike my own culture, its just the viet fobs (from my experience) aint too open minded. They stay with there own people, speak viet only never slightly inproving their english at times its pisses me off. (hate it when when theirs a foreigner and 2 viets just looks and whispers to themselves about the foreigner wearing wrong coloured socks)

    All my cousins are vietnam born and they hang out with only viets, ive hanged with both parties and i must say i tried to fit in with the viets but its too hard. I speak viet fluently also, its not like im not trying but more the fact is they aint trying at all after all your living in another country at least adjust alittle.

    most of my cousins have moved and lived in NZ for 16 years plus but still dont understand the culture of NZ and their english is still rubbish. its actually quite embarrassing.

    In the end i feel more comfortable hanging with "New Zealanders"

    So the question shouldnt be "why foreign born viet people aint hanging with fob viet people?" but instead be "why fob viet cant adapt and hang with foreign people?"
  13. kdotc

    kdotc 안녕하세요빅뱅K-Dragon입니다

    thats because those white girls r "plastics" and the white guys r jocks with bmw's lol
  14. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    ^ REALLY .. that i don't know .. lol .. i do know white gals are MORE fun in bed .. lol
  15. davo2097

    davo2097 Active Member

    white girls more fun in bed? white girls like to play "connect 4" in bed? im down with jenga if any white girls interested lol
  16. danxstry

    danxstry Member

    i think because alot of viets that are fobbish to say? so they stay away lol XD
  17. asianviez

    asianviez Well-Known Member

    maybe new.. fob... who takes boat or junk to cross big oceans... Flew Off Family.... FLOffy
  18. tkt138

    tkt138 Active Member

    In this case, it depends on where you live. If you live in the area where most white people are, then you hang out with white.
  19. Supertrio

    Supertrio Well-Known Member

    yes i agreed, it depends on environment
  20. Pinky

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    being a "ABV" myself... hm... i was raised in a very white community.. and there where hardly any asians at my school, so its more like just having friends, and bc we were raised in that environment we tend to get comfortable that way, however after entering college i have became much more diverse when it comes to friends.. also, it may be bc we are not comfortable speaking vietnamese, ik that is my case.. everyone speaks fluent viet but i speak like a 5year old so... yea haha

    personally i dont see anything wrong w having white friends, it really doesnt make u whitewashed in my eyes.. is race really that important?