The Ringmaster - 拳王 (2021)

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    English Title:

    The Ringmaster

    Chinese Title:


    Andy Chan


    Wayne Lai
    Owen Cheung
    Elaine Yiu
    Shaun Tam
    Winki Lai
    Jacky Cai
    Brian Chu

    Muay Thai champion Hoi Ching-hei (Shuan Tam) manages to hold his ground in his farewell match. However, after a celebration gathering, he soon abruptly meets his death as he quarrels with someone while saving some drunk woman. Hoi Ching-nam (Owen Cheung) reviews his elder brother Ching-hei’s boxing match video. He finds out the cause of death surprisingly has something to do with coach Shek Ngo-shan (Wayne Lai). He is certain Ngo-shan has killed Ching-hei. Ngo-shan develops his boxing club business and transforms into a successful merchant. He is interviewed by famous TV presenter Man Sin-yin (Winki Lai). To attain certain objective, socialite Lui Kin (Elaine Yiu) wants to gain a foothold in the realm of Muay Thai. She becomes a consultant to some combat sports association. She encounters Ngo-shan and develops a subtle relationship with him. To seek justice for his late elder brother, Ching-nam becomes boxing champion Yip Ying-fung’s (Hugo Wong) disciple. And with assistance from some wealthy man’s daughter called Kong Ka-ching (Jacky Cai) and his childhood buddy Shek Tsz-chung (Brian Chu), Ching-nam is determined to step into the boxing ring and go after Ngo-shan.
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    Finished this, wasn't too bad, not as good as the other boxing series they had though IMO. The one thing they never really brought up was the mom of Shek Tsz-Chung, only that she locked him up in the dark, doesn't really explain who she was or what not, which I felt was kind of odd. Did you watch this ralphrepo since it had to do with workout and what not...
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    I did watch the first few episodes and then sort of got distracted. I did DL them for later viewing. When I have time, I'll try to catch up with them. Been busy as all git lately...
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