1. s!lver

    s!lver Well-Known Member

    Part 2?

    I'd watch it.

    It's TVB, have to keep it conservative. Can't expect something like Jenna Jameson's hair style or something (assuming you've seen her hair style before, shoulder length, sharp aggressive styling).
  2. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't want to see a sequel, though I love this series. Having a sequel would totally spoil it, IMHO
  3. monkey_hero

    monkey_hero Member

    I thought this ending was one of the better ones of TVB series because sometimes they're just ridiculous, i.e. for no reason some good person must die in the end when it is not even neccesary or something. But on the other hand, I still disliked it because it wasn't detailed enough...a hug in the end or a short conversation would have easily done the job!
  4. ^haha police academy and on the first beat :p yea its kinda stupid. but i also hate open ends... >.< its SOOO annoying
  5. runtohell121

    runtohell121 ........................

    lol on the first beat opening song? oh can you feel, our sweats and tears.. lolz.. yea kinda annoying:D wonder will there be a 2nd part for this >.<
  6. dont think so.. there isnt much to follow on with architects :p
  7. runtohell121

    runtohell121 ........................

    this series was way too interesting >.< lolz more interesting than Marriage of Inconvience..
  8. it was good, but the problem was that biggest part of the serie was kinda about the relationship of those 3, and in the end you can see the "happy ending" already, theres not much to add.
    maybe a similar serie will come out but i doubt a 2nd part of building blocks
  9. It is encouraging that there are many good reviews about the ending. I'm going to start downloading this serie and watch it.
  10. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it pretty much revolved around the love triangle, but there was also the element of 'defeating the bad guy' when Alex had to fight with Power Chan to come up with a better proposal or sketch or watever you call it. So yea, it was gooood...
  11. skywalka

    skywalka Well-Known Member

    sad storyy. a story about how everyones life was screwed over because of tavias love, lol

    if tavia didnt meet him . everyones life would of been fine

    that guy would of kept being a renovator, living what he thougth be a great relaxing life,
    and marry her original gf.

    archi firm would of continued to run smoothly

    tavia wouldnt get hit by car, and lose memory....... etc...

    story about how ppls life got screwd up lol
  12. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    Hmm...well, that's an interesting way to put it. But if Tavia didn't appear, Alex wouldn't have lived his dream
  13. jbaprototype

    jbaprototype Well-Known Member

    didnt like ending...alex should be with christine..dissapointing
  14. binghamton

    binghamton New Member

    hmmm if my girlfriend of 7 years liked another person.. i would not encourage her to keep liking him because she has feelings for him... are you kidding? the ending was okay... i needed more though... not detailed enough.. especially from right after watching her cd to seeing her.. that was too quick
  15. tien317

    tien317 Well-Known Member

    I liked the ending...I hoped they elaborate a bit more about Tavia and Alex....
  16. dreyvii

    dreyvii Well-Known Member

    ^ Haha...like what? A wedding, then having kids? Lol. Well then that would be a rather typical TVB ending...
  17. aznbabie51o

    aznbabie51o Active Member

    i think this series was pretty good. although i didnt enjoy how tavia have to be the *third* person in da triangle and knowing from the series, her past relationship her boyfreind cheated on her with her best fren. and tavia did da same thing lol i dispise dat part . i was hoping christine ended up with alex lol but yea its just my opinion lol
  18. kird

    kird Active Member

    I didn't like how easily Christine just lets the whole thing go. Was too easy a way out for the writers, but even when that happened, the reluctance of the other two to take benefit of it was extremely annoying.
  19. uraha

    uraha Well-Known Member

    The ending sucked, it sort of leave you hanging.
  20. kelvinclyap

    kelvinclyap Member

    it depend on how u tink of it... everyone have their own opinion... but i tink dat the ending is oki although it quite a waste for christine and alex... 7 years of relationship juz gone lik dis...