Our Unwinding Ethos - 十二传说 (2019)

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    English Title:

    Our Unwinding Ethos

    Chinese Title:


    Wong Wai Sing


    Edwin Siu
    Rosina Lam
    Jonathan Cheung
    Moon Lau
    Jazz Lam
    Angel Chiang

    Urban legend, somehow evident, somehow verisimilar, threads together the past and future. Conducting research at Bride’s Pool, Professor of folkloristics POON DOR-LAI (Rosina Lam) has what appears to be paranormal encounters, but soon uncovers criminal exploits behind it. She teams up with journalist FU CHI-POK (Edwin Siu) to probe into the matter, unravelling the unknown background of bride-to-be WONG YUK (Topaz) (Moon Lau). DOR-LAI’s teacher has disappeared for seven years, and it turns out that CHI-POK is his son. The two decide to continue his unfinished paper “Hong Kong Urban Legend”. In the process, they discover many cases that bear coincidental similarity to legend, realizing his disappearance is very suspicious. During the investigation, DOR-LAI and CHI-POK get to know police officer YIK MING-YIN (Jonathan Cheung), whose family turn out to be the protagonist in the story “Fox Demon killing infants”. With DOR-LAI being asked to investigate what happened years ago, a clue instead leads her to the pawnshop run by her mother! In the meantime, CHI-POK finds out his father is still alive…

    Airing July 15th replacing Big White Duel 白色強人

  2. pretty good case show I like the urban legend/ghost story aspect too

    first week already better than 'As time goes by' snooze fest :boblaff:

    Moon only in 2 eps? hope she comes back
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    I think she'll return and i also really like the whole myth and mystery part of the series as well, but i feel Rosina is "over acting" in this series. I feel like she's trying to copy Ray Lam too much when he did a similar series a few years back.
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  4. when she looks into her pocket watch she can be corny or cliche:lol:
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    I think it's a copy of the Detective Conan anime!
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