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  1. Phoenix

    Phoenix *~Though she be but little, she is fierce~*

    So, back to binge watching movies...the consequence of watching Line Walker all in one go....:lol:

    Shockwave -
    I think this is the first time i've seen Ron Ng and Andy Lau in the movie together. Lots of other familiar faces too.
    Movie was alright, usual police/hostage scenario - i find that in most andy lau movies, the ending is slightly similar - self sacrifice.
    But this babyjohn choi, i'm definitely keeping an eye out for this 'up coming' actor.
    He left a lasting image in one of the scenes probably cos he was held hostage ish and bravely held onto the bomb and sacrificed himself cos Andy Lau couldnt save him.....that was sad

    Kungfu yoga - Jackie Chan and Aarif Lee

    This really reminded me of the The Myth, there were some crossovers, very colourful, lots of history and a fantasy like introduction - I enjoyed it, its a lighthearted action comedy so don't take it serious lol

    The girls are very very pretty, didnt expect the twist at the end, was a bit wtf as it wasn't a proper ending but it was nice cos it burst into a song remix and dance.

    Sifu vs Vampire

    Old film with Ronald - i guess this was suppose to be a homage to Mr Vampire but it was a bit OTT
    Film was alright and a lot of ham sup references lmao.

    I quite liked this one with Louis Koo, you always see him in the hardcore characters but as a family man this time was a bit refreshing and funny. Reminds me of CJ7, but i cant decide who's cuter......7Jai or Manning Cat lmao
    Nice family film.

    An Inspector Calls
    I've been wanting to watch this as I had to study it for English 'back in the day'
    Black comedy - I liked their interpretation of it, I don't think i can remember seeing Gordon Lam with an explosion afro like hair. :afro:

    Vampire Cleanup Department

    More babyjohn Choi ~!
    I liked this vamp film way better than that Silly Sifu one lol
    Defo had some influence from karate kid in the training scenes
    The girl vamp was cute even though she rarely had any lines and used SIRI to talk on behalf lmao - that was silly.
  2. Phoenix

    Phoenix *~Though she be but little, she is fierce~*

    So...I'm guna boot this one up because during this lock down period I know I'm not the only one catching up on movies :popcorn:

    Where shall I start?

    Let's go with IT - Chapter 1 :clown:

    Finally watched this the other day all by myself! :ohnoes:
    It didn't affect me that much which was great !
    The effects were pretty good and the way IT was moving...loved it, it wasn't just your standard clown walk lol...more like a shuffle shuffle zoom zoom

    It kinda reminded me of Monster House.

    Will definitely watch the sequel sometime this week just to round it off nicely.
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    Yeah it wasn't as bad as I thought it was, "no pun intended" :p Although the original still the best.
  4. Phoenix

    Phoenix *~Though she be but little, she is fierce~*

    So I finally did the Hobbit and LotR trilogy marathon back to back , extended edition :clap2:
    It was amazing ! Nice to rewatch it properly. Literally had an epic adventure through middle earth.
    Lee Pace as Thranduil.... One word beautiful :wub:, couldn't believe he was in Flying Tigers as well!

    Karl Urban was so young back then and now he's in the boys, another good series to watch.
  5. Phoenix

    Phoenix *~Though she be but little, she is fierce~*

    Onward, Disney/Pixar film
    This one was decent, it had the feels but it was just sad.
    Felt like there was something lacking in oomph. Normally I enjoy my Disney/Pixar but this one left me feeling a bit meh by the end of it.

    Also their levitation wrong! Aloft's Wingardium Leviosa..Swish and flick mate. :wizard: