Joey Yung enjoys working with BIG BANG's Seungri

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    18 Feb – Hong Kong pop diva Joey Yung admitted that she really enjoyed collaborating with Korean singer Seungri for her new song, "Pretty Crazy".

    As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who went to a radio station to promote her song, "Forever" recently, revealed that her collaboration with the BIG BANG member would be the highlight of her 20th anniversary in music.

    "He is a genius. He can sing Cantonese and English, and really wanted to learn the language. He really loves Hong Kong comedy," she said.

    Joey added that after working with Seungri, she realised that the singer is someone who likes to bring joy to everyone.

    When asked if the two of them have any opportunity to develop into something more, the singer responded jokingly, "No. But I hope he would introduce me to the other members of the group."

    On the other hand, Joey revealed that her new song "Forever" would be a prelude to her 20th anniversary concert, which she hopes she would be able to realise sometime this year.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Feb 18, 2019.

    1. Jeff

      Jeff 神之馬壯

      Now interested in this song! Seungri does really love HK tho lol.

      On another note, Seungri doesn't have the best public image right now in Korea recently
    2. crasianlee

      crasianlee Well-Known Member

      Isn't Joey dating that one actor Wilfred Lau?
    3. yea this project is not happening now lmao
    4. Jeff

      Jeff 神之馬壯

      From the time I posted that message and now.. how things have changed GREATLY.

      In short.. quoting from another article..

      You can definitely say he's done.
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