Flying Tiger - 飛虎之潛行極戰 (2018)

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    English Title:
    Flying Tiger

    Chinese Title:



    Michael Miu
    Bosco Wong
    Ron Ng
    Eddie Cheung
    Michael Wong
    Hugo Ng
    Christine Ng
    Grace Chan
    Mandy Wong
    Venus Wong
    Oscar Leung
    Samantha Ko
    Jeana Ho


    When he was younger, Hugo Ng accepted a mission to infiltrate the triads as an undercover agent. The triad leader's daughter, Christine Ng, fell in love with him at first sight. Although Hugo already had his heart set on the simple Mimi Kung, he pretended to be with Christine in order to solve the case. As a result, he quickly rose through the ranks in the triad. One time, during a fight between triads, Hugo eliminated Christine's triad rivals, but Christine's fate remained unclear. Hugo's good friend, Michael Miu, knows about his affair with Christine and their infant son (Bosco Wong). Hugo brings Bosco home and Mimi also gives birth to a son (Ron Ng). Because of the sin that he represented, Bosco did not grow up with love from his father. But Ron also did not get spoiled by Hugo and instead had to go through many hardships. The half-brothers accumulate a number of grudges growing up. Each of them also coincidentally develop a father-like mentor relationship with Michael. During a grand promotional ceremony, Hugo, having achieved the rank of Superintendent, is happily preparing to receive this honour, but unknowingly steps into a revenge plot that is thirty years in the making...

    Airing April 6th (Youku & myTV SUPER)

    Airing May 14th replacing Stealing Seconds 棟仁的時光 (TVB)

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    Does anyone know when 29 and 30 is being aired? Hanging for it lol
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    it was out a few days ago, lots of action in the finale...
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    probably one of the better TVB series i've seen in a while. Very intense from start to finish
  6. Ron and Jeana Ho :flames:
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    no no. jeana and dominic in KeNNyKeNNy 's biopic "the gigolo" :flames:
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    whats the name of the actress that portrays Michael Miu's daughter?
  9. Shin Ng 吳思佳?
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    Dang, she is half korean? No wonder it felt like she has an accent on her cantonese lol
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  11. sheldon was very good as villain [​IMG]

    Ron acting has really improved tvb should bring back their son for good lol

    this show was nice surprised this year already confirmed for sequel (Y)
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    Like the TVB for TVB, but typical fakeness. Still, Bosco looking like L.Cheung in red shoes. So far, typical, can‘t stand fake TVB directing, but China shows so fake, that crying is the new acting.
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    just don't watch and your problems solved
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    Saw this, not bad at all, some plot holes though like the hottie carrying that carry on up to the police area without getting it scanned like really? But whatever overall I enjoyed it. Love the scene where Bosco saves the mom that raised him...pretty touching...Ron's acting though seems to be the same...
  15. Jeff

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    Finally finished this show. Started it a while back but decided to binge on it

    • Helicopter scenes fake as shit :kelefe: TVB CGI is still so bad although I think it's a collab with China?
    • Venus got a quite lot of screentime relative to other female roles like Mandy and Grace. Venus looks so much prettier than Grace IMO especially at wedding
    • Speaking of Mandy, her role is so small same thing with Eddie Cheung
    • Been a while since I saw Ron Ng ; nice to see him back
    • Feel like they wanted to cast Raymond Lam but couldn't so they made him sing the theme lmao
    • Wish it kinda focused more on SDU
    • I know it's TV but there are so many bullets fired and so many missed ; you'd think SDU accuracy will be one of the best lol
    • Still not a fan of Hugo Ng ; he always plays these such hateful roles lol
    • Shin Ng was training to be kpop star ; appeared on Produce 101 Season 1. I didn't watch but styling she looks so different when looking at clips. Her group already disbanded though so I wonder if she'll be working for TVB now
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