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  1. bubs132

    bubs132 Well-Known Member

    Man, just finished the last episode. Can't believe Ron died!.....And Shirley who was so mean to her "husband" now is in the same state as he was in before he died, karma sucks eh? What I don't understand is how that scanner did a dog contain information?? The ending was kinda stupid because they made it seem like they've entirely eradicated crime in HK, which is pretty much impossible...I think too many people die in this drama lol. :D
  2. poor Ron.... he was such a nice guy in this series lol. ah long's suicide was sad too :(...i thought this series could of easily be a 30-40 chapter series.
  3. Chloee

    Chloee Well-Known Member

    I think Ron's death was unneccessary T_T Poor Kate and their unborn baby. She had lost her brother and now Ron.
  4. misstical

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    I honestly think that this was a really bad way to end a generally good drama.
    Ron's death was unnecessary, the father being shot over a million times (as if he wouldn't die after the 3rd or 4th bullet) ?

    I mean, this drama was pretty depressing throughout as they continually built relationships and when they were at its peak, they would kill a character. There was way too many deaths in this drama.

    The only understandable scenes was when "ah long" killed himself (which I thought was so so so sad) and the mom going insane...

    the rest, was just a mess.
  5. rsx

    rsx Well-Known Member

    It all happened all too fast in the last two episodes.
    And I do agree, Ah Long's death was definitely the most sad, along with Michelle's mental unstability.
    The rest were just like... what the heck just happened?

    I wish TVB would make a better, more suspenseful ending for once, instead of exposing and solving everything for us.
  6. goo wak jai

    goo wak jai Well-Known Member

    there was too much ppl dying in this film... i would say it's a sad ending than a happy ending. It was sad to see ron and ah long die.
  7. NYGirl83

    NYGirl83 Active Member

    I actually didn't mind the ending too much, since everyone pretty much got what was coming to them - except Ron and Long. At least it's not one of those endings where everyone ends up unrealistically happy... those drive me crazy since life is never that nice and neat.
  8. Xzyrus

    Xzyrus Well-Known Member

    It was a great change from the usual happy endings. At least they didn't have Madam Wong turn on the uber aimbot and fire 1 bullet through Tong Jee Lung's head lol. They definitely could have done better in the shootout scenes but the plot was fabulous and the drama was nice too.
  9. wysandman

    wysandman Well-Known Member

    the ending was the right ending for this show, some of you complain that there are to much deaths. in the situations the characters were in, they had to die, especially ron. think about it, if someone finds out you're doing something illegal(especially selling drugs, illegal gambling & military weapons) you wouldn't have killed him? ido agree the shottout scene should've been done better, and shirleys character ending was kinda stupid, but this is great show
  10. Xzyrus

    Xzyrus Well-Known Member

    Shirley's ending was lame/unrealistic but funny and highly deserved! Ron's death and Ah Long's death were the most meaningful and the best for the plot.
  11. cellfonexpert

    cellfonexpert Member

    i think Ron is freakin' stupid...jumping up in the room and saying all these things that got himself killed...he should have just hide the "dog" secret and just got mad about his REAL DAD killed his dad...but ofcoz he's not trained to be a spy and i don't see the point of him doing that alone. He totally deserved to die from stupidity...
  12. Xzyrus

    Xzyrus Well-Known Member

    He blew his cover when he knocked the chair so he had to stand up. He got emotional when he found out his biological father killed the father he grew up with, but he definitely should have gotten more worked up on that and bursted out of the room before the two geezers could stop him.
  13. joycesays

    joycesays Well-Known Member

    i thought ron's death was unnecessary and i wish he didn't blow his cover right then and there. i know he was supposed to be really upset and surprised that it was his biological dad that killed his father but i didn't reallly see that being emoted from ron... guess he can improve on that. i felt really bad for vincent. to be disabled and find out so much stuff about your family in just a short period of time really devastated him. =/ but im glad for once tvb didnt have a happily ever after ending, i really did not expect almost everyone to die or end up being crazy and physically disabled in this series.
  14. SUSIE-DANG-1988


    yeah, I just thought this series was kinder abit rushed...
    like in the beginning, chi go's dad and kenneth ma death was all abit too soon.
    the ending was rly unexpected! but i guess it was good though!
    as tvb always make series predictable.
    I never thought that ah long was gonna comit suicide though.
    That was the sad part about it. and also ah jung too.
    I never rly thought that his own dad would kill his own son?!?!? OMG! does he have a heart?!
  15. rsx

    rsx Well-Known Member

    Okay.. here we go again with the "surprising" and "rushed" deaths.
    Let me ask you this.. what's so rushed about the deaths of Kenneth Ma and Steven's dad in the beginning?
    I do agree with you that TVB rushes their scenes, but only toward the END of series and their deaths did NOT happen near the end of the series.
    In fact, their deaths suited the story well and it gives a more compelling exposition, which made this series more interesting.

    I wished TVB would have start producing series with more people dying.. that way, everyone would get used to it and stop commenting "OH RLY?! LORD!! STEVEN MA IS DYIN'... NOOO!! OMGGGGG RAYMOND LAM IS DEAD NOW TOO!??!!!1111 THIS CAN'T BE, THE SERIES IS BEING RUSHED!"
  16. Azn_CryBabyy

    Azn_CryBabyy Member

    This series was good, I really liked it. TVB could of made it a bit longer with more information, etc. etc. I cried when Ron died T_T. He really, really improved in this series being a nice, caring guy. && I really felt sorry for A Long who suicuided. I thought he would live since he gone through so much stuff already. && Also Kate's character was just sad. First she lost her mom, then bro now the one she loved the most. But she can't act. I didn't really like her acting as this character, she was the one that would kindof ruin the whole story, not her character but how she acts into it. Everyone else was good, especially Michelle Yim & Shirley. I have to give credits to them since it's their first series being a villian.
  17. rockywong.87

    rockywong.87 Active Member

    you guys have to remember the title of the story is called the Brinks of lAw. the series was basically about a case in the hongkong police .. if u really think abouut it ... the Madame is prolly the main character. .lol becauuse she was incharge of the whole case.

    the deaths of the tong family is predictable .... it is neccessary/
    ps.. have u guys seen the departed ?? starring matt damon , jack nickelson, and leo dicrapio?? if not go check it out.. its the english version of Inferno Affairs. pretty funny.
  18. saikira

    saikira Well-Known Member

    so every dies, well mostly eh? it was pretty unnessary for him to die, aw well, karma, don't u hate it, danxs 4 da info, didn't finish watchin it, now i noe wat to expect
  19. Veincentury

    Veincentury Well-Known Member

    How is the madame the main character? The title refers to the law or justice part which may or may not include the madame.

    I thought the series was good, but the ending had gone by too fast. It was the typical TVB forumla with 20 - 25 episodes for a series.

    The Departed was alright but there was way too much swearing.
  20. chickenutbread

    chickenutbread Well-Known Member

    everyone who's saying there's too many deaths would probably complain that there wasn't enough drama if NOBODY died. so, just go with the flow and watch the movie, for entertainment. not to criticize it b/c there's always gonna be something that could of been done better or changed. as for the movie, yes, ah long's death almost brought me to tears and i think the ending would be more surprising and have a greater impact if they didn't reveal so much in the "sneak previews" at the end of each chapter.. they told the entire story before the series ended.