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    For once in many years! I actaully liked this ending! Not like a "tvb typical ending".
    A good way to end the episode for part1.. so that's where part2 will be continued.
    Which I'm assuming LA released from jail + original casts + add new casts + new cases
    A proper sequel!! [That we haven't had for a very long time!!]

    It was satisfied... but I'm confused if PK was ermm.. forgetting his memory? or...
  2. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    I'm actually confused about the part when LA put the eagle head in the sand. =$

    But i liked this ending too. A good way to end it for a sequel! The ending kiss was kinda.. cheesy. Lol.
  3. SUSIE-DANG-1988


    haha, yeshh.. that part was cheesy but lol still okay la.
    it was all a act! lol. cos he knew that wong see fu was there and recording.. reason he put it back so that he could record himself "pretending" that he did it so that he would goto jail instead of wong see fu. Which is why he changed the sim card that was locked in the locker in see fu's office. Because it "fong noi see fak gung jing". Is that the part you don't understand lol.
  4. kevin

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    memory card (micro sd) and not sim card xD

    Yeah it's a good ending and not typical. It was unexpected, it's a shame though that LA lost the right to become a lawyer. Yeah I found that strange too, PK doesn't seem angry on Myolie, he just walked off but I doubt he lost his memory. However why would he act 'cool' with LA by playing the game with him hmm.

    The sequel may be interesting but because LA can no longer be a lawyer but an assistant I wonder how things go. Funny how Myolie took his office but I personally found it strange that no one is getting her to be their lawyer; she stated that she doesn't get much cases hence why she moved there.
  5. the ending flowed very well with the series...and good set up for the sequel. (Y)
    but no more legs in the 2nd series :/

  6. Jeff

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    Sok Tui Teen Hau :(
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    AGreed .. best way to carry on to sequel and im so fuckign glad they didnt do ... sap leen how (10 years later) OMG LAW BAA YOUR BABY NEEDS TO CHANGE DIAPER AGAIN ... *HAHA .. your the mother you should change her .... oh .. now his little sister is crying NOOO* .. IT KNOCKS ME SICK EVERYTIME THEY DO THAT !!!!!
  8. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    Fucking hate how they fast forward 10 fucking years. :facepalm:

    I like how they end it. I really like it. It's not rushed & it flowed the storyline very well.

    If there isn't a sequel.. TVB just left us hanging. Gladly, they didn't. Can't wait for the sequel. Love Law Ba.

    Law Ba is definitely one of my vote for favourite character.
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    First time in a while that I don't feel cheated by a cheap, lousy ending from a TVB series. It at least made sense, wasn't sickeningly cheesy (minus that last flying kiss?!!) and it didn't involve an ill-timed and unnecessary car accident to fast forward the plot (ie: Only You, Fa Sister, Rippling Blossom).

    Not perfect but there is plenty of room for new relationships to develop and appear, which is a good set up for a sequel.
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    I disagree. The ending is terrible and another catch all on a weak series. There was too much interloop of stories.
  11. KaY_xD

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    i gotta pick up that last 3 min of the finale....yea sequel! wish Sharon's back on :( as a new character? haha! long lost twin sister!
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  13. colbne

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    Lol mortal enemies LA and Tseung Pak Kei having a game in prison!! Great cast, great ending. I enjoyed the series and hope Kevin wins some award for his portrayal of LA Law.
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    Good serie, by the way Tseung Pak Kei was mad at Wong See Fu but not really at LA, so they play together cuz maybe not one wants to play with him except LA. In my point of view. Nyways good serie
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    I'm not sure I like the ending either. I not sure about the law in HK but really did they have to jail up Law Ba for what he did? 2 years wasn't it? Some people are jailed for hit and run for 2 years and for what he did it not a lot in my opinion. I would have thought for what he done he would have had his license provoked or payment for wasting misleading of justice (can't rem the correct word for it other than it should start with p).
  16. brown_bear

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    the series was so-so....agree not like the usual happy endings etc...

    i hated how they killed off sharon chan...that was pretty terrible...
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    I wished that TVB has add 5 more eps, because the series ended a bit too fast. Jing Jing (Sharon) suddenly died, because she has heard of some important information from PK. Then because of Jing Jing's death, Kris (Myolie) wants to get rid of PK (Sek Sau) and did something against the law and LA (Kevin) did the same, showed the evidence to the judge and had to go to jail.
    I would like to watch a sequel, but edited by that Jing Jing is still alive.
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    This so average tvb ending, rushed and didn't make much sense, with all the clues Bill was leaving behind, my 4 year could have caught him, talk about out of character just to end the show with the bad guy in jail.

    Sharon's death was just pointless, she was a prostitute, big deal, with all the fuss she gets a crap ending, let's face it, Asians are still backward in their ways, hope they don't bring her back as a half sister or a look a like and pair up, that would stink.

    Acting was ok, watch-able, how this gets v2 is beyond me.
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    the ending to me had a different feel..unlike typical tvb ending..a good one for this series. let's wait for the next one. :)