Do you actually hate any of your colleagues or classmates?

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    pointless topic... no need to continue
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    Cultural clash. You're basically hating everybody because they're not Chinese. I've learned that you have to fit in based on the society and you can't expect everybody to have Chinese values. There are Asians who have primarily all Caucasian friends because they're born and raised in America with American values and will never understand their own Asian culture, so I wouldn't say that your classmates are "racist." And I find it that most of my classmates would lend me their notes, you're either asking the wrong people or you're probably not looking online for the notes.

    As for the group member issue, either you've exaggerated the story or you've misunderstood something because even caucasians don't rat/tell on their friends in situations like these. You SHOULD be reporting your group member to the lecturer if he/she doesn't do work, but not if he/she's your friend.

    It sounds like you either don't hang around caucasians or you haven't been exposed to the different culture by hanging around with Chinese people too often.
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    Hate is a very strong word. You shouldn't use so easily cuz one day, you gonna run into trouble with it. I think you should be a bit more open minded when it comes to dealing with people cuz you're living in a diverse country. Whether you like it or not, you gotta adapt and accept. Otherwise, go back to Asia is your only option.

    As for school, don't depend on others. You should focus on making a few close friends who you can rely on every now and then when you're away from school.
  4. yes! how can you not! there are jsut some ppl who abuse your friendship and are totally rude and obnoxious!
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    yes... but I can't say anything cause that person happens to be my boss!!!
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    I'll know in about 3 months. yay me!
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    I wouldnt say hate, just dislike.
    When I was supervising a certain girl, she would take her time to get things done, when she was done, she'd sit there and play on her phone instead of telling me so I can delegate more work.
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    You DO realize that you're responding to a four year old thread, the question from which had already been deleted by the original poster, as he realized its pointlessness? Oh, and in terms of your work scenario comment; No offense, but IMHO, it is ultimately the supervisors' responsibility to delegate work, not the employee's responsibility to do their supervisor's job for them; you should have kept closer tabs on your people, supervisor.