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    even thought i luv watching this series...just becuz the recent tvb series were boring n the plot is not so good..but after watching the japanese galileo itself..i really feel tvb took ideas off of it...ofcourse they didnt copy it 100%, who would be that stupid to copy something 100%.. even students who plagiarize wont copy something exactly as it is...they would take ideas from it and change it around to make it theres...but that does not mean it is okay to do so.

    all tvb said was that they did not copy it, and not just japan is able to write this kind of mystery dramas....also "just look at the ratings"
    ---i thought..wat does the ratings have to do with copyin or not, hk ppl dont really care becuz they watch ANything wen they get home, n plus if this drama had high ratings it is becuz this drama is different...and interesting compared to the recent it doesnt not prove that it was not copied---

    Comparing both dramas...just watched the beginning and it had lots in common... i mean,,,if only had 1 thing in common, i would say it was a coincidence...but there were LOTs in common even the plot had points in common. Can all that be a coincidence?


    tavia vs. Utsumi ....has the same hair style and personalilty...very outgoing..also a rookie cop

    Kingsley vs. Yukawa....both a physicist, university professor and has a weird ofcourse, helps his best friend (kenneth's character) to solve crimes. also helps him with all the problems that kenneth ever gets just like in mystery of love where kenneth always say that raymond helps him on the hard stuff n he gets the award...only difference is that raymond's character is nice n more polite

    Gordon, Lo Sir vs. Kusanagi...both characters r buddies of raymond's character in both dramas, they met back in school

    Mystery of love Vs. Galileo

    Galileo drama begins with Utsumi (tavia) just joins the team, like how Mystery of love, tavia just joining into kenneth's team

    Utsumi tells her superior Kusanagi (Lo Sir) that she admires his talents n mind...just like the most wierd cases he solve, that someone controlled a rat to kill someone...this was one of the cases in Mystery of love.

    Kusanagi tells her about the person that helped solved all the hard cases, and Utsumi goes to the university to find prof Yukawa in the lab teaching a bunch of students...same as how tavia n kingsley met in ep 1

    Yukawa, just like Kingsley, is loved by all of his female students

    This is just the First ep...and there r so much incommon already
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    thats right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was quite pissed off when i watched the first ep, and list everything like u said, too obvious!!! u cant deny the fact TVB took the ideas to start it off, then add romance lines and claim thats their own, created on their own (total BS). btw romance b/t Tavia & Raymond = BORING, romantic scenes arent romantic, social class clashes are those same old conflicts, "love" and "cases" arent evenly distributed, the first few eps are all about crime then all of a sudden its all about boring love o_____O Tavia's performance in recent eps is just like Utsumi, the way the act when theyre happy, sad, solving cases, etc same personality, Galileo is better because it's focused, actors are better, fukuyama's way better as a prof

    but most people dont care, "who cares if they copied?," they watch it for raymond, whatever their reason is

    its like copied in the beginning, now they developed their own storyline
  3. i dont watch japanese dramas so its all new to me whaha. :)
  4. Jeff

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    I don't really care if it's plagiarised or not though.

    I'll probably watch the Japanese Drama once i'm done with this one. Since i've always watched Japanese dramas, i could give this one a try!
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    I don't care much, even if TVB copied ideas from that Japanese drama, all it matters is that they have to make it equally good. Theres no point in 'replicating' a drama that is worser than the 'original'. If they make it interesting and bring in new viewers, good.
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    i agree that it doesnt really matter if its copied or not as long as its good....but atleast give the original writer some credit for their work...

    tvb been so cheap lately....they stop paying for the REAL singers to sing for the themes n subthemes...NOW..they just use 1 song through out the whole drama...just using different instruments to play the same song..n they use that within the drama itself for background...THen they make some cheap-keyed-on mv at the end so it looks better even though it is just playing the same song over n over again
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    still worth watching tvb makes it more interesting
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    i just saw Galileo.
    they have similar characters but in NO WAY is Mysteries of Love on par with Galileo or a copy of galileo.
    MOL is focused on romance, family, other stuff in a person's life with some bits of crimes, TVB family entertainment style.
    Galileo is focused on crimes, science, totally none of the family, disapproval of daughter in law, etc. and they really researched alot, even the lab is more realistic. although i don't understand why everything can be 'calculated'

    i love galileo! its really good! is there gonna be a galileo 2? like, Mr Brain, also stop at first series. pity!
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    more like they took the idea off from Galileo.

    no there isnt gonna be a sequel, they picked the good cases from the book to make a series, too much is too much, but i wont get tired of seeing how focused Yukawa is when he's thinking stuff <3 great books to read!!!!!!!!!! theres the film version of "Yogashin X No Kenshin," a great spinoff from Galileo book series, GREAT STUFF