Big White Duel - 白色強人 (2019)

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    English Title:

    Big White Duel

    Chinese Title:


    Marco Law


    Roger Kwok
    Kenneth Ma
    Natalie Tong
    Ali Lee
    Matthew Ho
    Kelly Cheung

    Hong Kong's healthcare reform is imperative. The radical reform plan is to privatize public hospitals and raise capital by means of public listing to maintain operations. The leading public hospital, "Marshall Paxton Hospital", has become a pilot for the reform. Dr YEUNG YAT-TO (Kwok Chun On), Deputy Hospital Chief Executive and Chief of Service (C.O.S.) of Neurosurgery, has made preparations for five years, seeking to turn the hospital into a medical empire that raises more than $10 billion. He is even looking to be the person-in-charge! Dr TONG MING (Kenneth Ma), C.O.S. of Cardio Thoracic Surgery, has a totally different ideology compared to YAT-TO’s. He has fought alongside his apprentice POON WAI-TAK (Matthew Ho) in accordance with the life-saving principle that is to hold human life above the healthcare system, but they are instead dragged into the power struggle initiated by Dr LUI CHUNG-HOK (David Chiang), CE of Marshal Paxton, who opposes the medical reform. YAT-TO, TONG MING, a cardiothoracic surgeon, CHING LOK-MAN (Ali Lee), an ER doctor, ZOE SO (Natalie Tong), and a neurosurgeon, LUI OI-LING (Kelly Cheung), etc. are a group of strong-willed people in white robes, but their opponents are not only diseases, but also human greed coupled with the lust driven by power…...

    Airing June 10th replacing My Commissioned Lover 婚姻合伙人

  2. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    Seems like one of TVB higher budget drama. I didn't watch Another Era so it's been a while since I last saw Roger
  3. shinobi please release
    Big White Duel - 白色強人
    for upload, thanks
  4. roger wasted no time already bribing workers left and right in first ep is it me or its very common for him to play heel/villain now and days
  5. Xzyrus

    Xzyrus Well-Known Member

    What are all the acronyms they are throwing around? Some of which I think I heard are:

    CON - Chief of Neurology?
    MO - medical officer?
    AC - assistant/associate Chief?
    COS - Chief of Surgery
    PAT - pre-admission testing?

    Holy crap they just keep piling them acronyms on.
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  6. eric62451

    eric62451 Well-Known Member

    CTS - Cardio Thoracic Surgeon/Surgery
    PAT - Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia
    CON - Consultant
    AC- Associate Consultant
    COS - Chief of service
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  7. eric62451

    eric62451 Well-Known Member

    The show seems pretty good so far, Already rewatched 1st and 2nd ep.
  8. tien317

    tien317 Well-Known Member

    I think this drama is worth our time. Consider big cast and bigger budget. Ironically most of the medical officers/doctors/nurses did previously act in similar roles before (different characteristics of coz).
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  9. jdm_s2k

    jdm_s2k Well-Known Member

    except they dont wear eye protection when they are doing surgery lol and the anesthesia machines are actually up to date...

    they are all GE and datex ohmeda

    i work in the operating room and im in anesthesia and i can appreciate this show a lot

    the monitors with the vitals are just too fake

    they could put more details though..
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  10. jdm_s2k

    jdm_s2k Well-Known Member

    episode 13 is a bit unreal...too fake

    especially how they cut the guy's chest open in a unsterile environment like that....infection is certain...

    she cuts the chest open and uses the retractor...

    after you cut chest open your suppose to use the bovie to burn through the tissue then use a saw and cut thru the sternum then use a retractor to open up the chest...

    they just cut and use thought process....
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  11. today was the best EP so far lol I didn't know doctors can do on sight surgeries :lol:
  12. emfung

    emfung New Member

    Without doubt, a great TVB drama to watch. I'm an anaesthesiologist too. Sadly, we are always behind scene, our role never get appreciated in Hong Kong "medical drama".
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  13. xaznxryux

    xaznxryux Well-Known Member

    I am liking this series so far, not so much on the medical side (not a knock) as I think the main goal and focus of the series is the debate between ethics and politics, both which I am loving so far. I don't exactly call anyone is assuming the "villain" role, but more of different point of views.
  14. jdm_s2k

    jdm_s2k Well-Known Member

    yes very true because i keep thinking roger kwok is evil but he comes back and does something good....then you figured kenneth might turn bad...but nope..

    just both sides explaining why and they do a good job not keeping the audience confused...
  15. jdm_s2k

    jdm_s2k Well-Known Member

    i didnt get the name of the cardiac tumor...

    the english spoken by kenneth was awful..

    he said atria something? i just couldnt hear
  16. xaznxryux

    xaznxryux Well-Known Member

    i was not aware that the show was only 25 episodes but overall i really enjoyed the entire concept of the show and was not disappointed with how they handled the whole issue with hospitals going public. I was however very disappointed with Kennis' ending. I know it's open ended but seriously it just was not necessary. I didn't feel it was a rushed ending for Ali, but it just felt like one of the generic "triangle love relationship so let's just kill off one of them"
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