Synopsis: Celebrity yoga and fitness instructor Louis Cheung opens a fitness centre along with his girlfriend Priscilla Wong. Fearful that Louis will become unfaithful, Priscilla tries to pressure him into marriage, which turns the fitness centre into a frequent battleground. Yoga instructor Owen Cheung is on Louis's side, while sales manager Quinn Ho supports his cousin Priscilla. The appearance of Katy Kung, a travel guru, adds to the conflict between Owen and Quinn. The two boys later move in to live with Katy and her brother James Ng...
English Title: Master of Destiny Chinese Title: 風雲天地 Genre: Modern, Revenge, Romance Producer: Wong Jing Episodes: 40 Cast: Liza Wang Angie Chiu Hawick Lau Edwin Siu Kenny Wong Wayne Lai (guest stars) Kate Tsui (guest stars) Selena Li (guest stars) Themesong Edwin Siu 蕭正楠 - 轟天動地 (風雲天地 主題曲)
作曲:陳子敏 填詞:楊熙 編曲:Johnny Yim 監製:何哲圖 / Johnny Yim 主唱:蕭正楠 如若尚在的 統統失去 你叫我怎反應 凝望著上天 天不開眼睛...