TVB’s legal drama OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下> finished broadcasting last Friday. Although the series fared a disappointing 23.1 points for episodes 11 through 15, it was one of the company’s highest quality dramas of the year. Its storyline notably encompassed a lot of true Hong Kong events, and the plot was relatable and strayed from the usual formula for legal dramas. For one, the lawyers in TVB’s past legal series typically have...
BX3upgcppQ92h5bmsM66CCecWLl9XNw3FRFQ4BURUOA. After months of being on limbo, TVB’s co-production drama Another Era <再創世紀> is finally getting an airdate. The co-production with China’s iQIYI will first premiere in Mainland China through iQIYI’s online platforms on August 29, followed by a television premiere through CCTV-8 on August 30. It will then premiere in Hong Kong through TVB Jade on September 10, picking up the time slot that is currently being carried byThe Stunt <特技人>....
d980517e0b28764db2bdc5454368205f. The 48 year old Kevin Cheng Ka Wing and the 27 year old Grace Chan Hoi Lam dated for 3 years and finally wed at the BVLGAIR Resort Bali yesterday. Over 100 friends witnessed the event as they entered a new chapter in their lives. Coincidentally, August 15th would be Cheng Ka Wing's birthday, this probably would be his best 49th birthday present. Ka Wing even broke down earlier than Grace at the wedding. He said that he was teary eyed throughout the entire...
The production of Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒> has been in the rumour mill for quite a while now, and when producer Mui Siu-ching (梅小青) shared a cryptic social media post about doing research for the show last November, she indirectly confirmed that TVB has already greenlit a fourth instalment. Following Producer Mui’s “confirmation”, news sources started reporting that TVB was in talks to cast Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Joey Meng (萬綺雯) in...