Alice Chan (陳煒) and Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) were guests today on Chris Lai (黎諾懿) and Sharon Chan's (陳敏之) new cooking program "A Guest Tonight"《今晚請客》. Alice specially prepared a dish of "Sauna Fish" (steamed fish that had been marinated) and Angel Pasta with Prawns, hoping it will look and taste good. Meanwhile Kelly didn't dare to attempt any chinese dishes in front of Alice and revealed that before shooting, she had been practising her...
"The Queen of Legs" Sharon Chan (陳敏之) was originally scheduled to participate in the new "Flying Tiger 3"-《飛虎3之壯志英雄》 drama co-produced by Shaw Brothers and Youku, and had also attended the opening ceremony, playing the role of SDU Superintendent Eddie Cheung's (張兆輝) wife. However, netizens discovered an old Instagram post which was interpreted as Sharon showing support for the Hong Kong Independence protests. To avoid causing an uproar,...
For the opportunity to star in TVB’s blockbuster drama Heart and Greed <溏心風暴3>, also known as Heart of Greed 3, Sharon Chan (陳敏之) ended up sacrificing her time with her two-month-old son. On Sunday, Sharon attended a charity event for Orbis, a health organization that fights blindness in children. The 38-year-old actress said she enjoys taking care of people and has been sponsoring children even before she married husband William...
In celebration of the upcoming Lunar New Year, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) met up with her close friend Sharon Chan (陳敏之), who recently gave birth to her first child Eddie Lui (雷子樂), nicknamed “Winter Solstice”. Sharon married longtime boyfriend William Lui (雷偉信) in 2014 in Bali. Myolie and Sharon shared a few pictures they took together on social media. One picture has Myolie holding up Eddie with Sharon beside her. Myolie said, “Sir Eddie! Why are you so...
After giving birth in December, Sharon Chan (陳敏之) is back to work and attended her first event yesterday. Sharon has not completely lost her baby weight and appeared curvier at the promotion for new TVB drama, Tiger Mom Blues <親親我好媽>. Sharon enthusiastically talked about the first month with her newborn son. Sharon expressed, “Taking care of a baby is a lot of work and there are so many new things to learn. My son has grown a lot...
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