Li Bingbing’s (李冰冰) boyfriend has the celebrity looks! On January 13, a netizen revealed two passport photos of the 43-year-old actress’ boyfriend Hsu Wen-nan (許文南). One photo was clearly taken when he was still a teenager, and another was taken many years later. Wen-nan is youthful and good-looking, and according to netizens who have seen Wen-nan in person, he is much more handsome in real life. News of Bingbing dating Wen-nan, who is 16 years...
Expanding her career to Hollywood in recent years, 43-year-old Li Bingbing (李冰冰) is at the peak of her career. Good things come in pairs, and Li Bingbing was recently photographed kissing a mysterious man. Afterward, Li Bingbing posted a romantic photo of the couple, publicly acknowledging her relationship status. According to reports, her boyfriend, Hsu Wen Nan (許文楠), is 16 years her junior and is a senior manager at an investment company. Since...
Yesterday was Father’s Day, and social media drowned itself with heartwarming messages and photos from our beloved celebrities. Chinese actress Li Bingbing (李冰冰) used this opportunity to profess her love for her father, also sharing an adorable father-daughter selfie on Weibo. She even revealed a portrait of her father when he was younger, saying, “My father with top visuals! Happy Father’s Day!”
fathers-day-2016-li-bingbing. Li Bingbing...​
Stills of mainland Chinese actress Li Bingbing (李冰冰) in the upcoming science-fiction action flick Nest <謎巢> recently surfaced, leading many fans to call her the “Asian Lara Croft.” Nest will be shown at this year’s Cannes International Film Festival. A Chinese-Australian co-production, Nest, or its full title Nest and the Search for the Venom of Eternity, is set in a mysterious and ancient underground tomb, in which...
With their faces constantly on the line, celebrities are pressured to look their best in public. But as flawless as they may appear in movies, TV, and magazine spreads, not all of them are always picture perfect. Though there are stars who still look amazing without makeup, there are many who are practically unrecognizable without that extra layer to cover.
Angelababy angelababy-no-makeup. Angela Chang (張韶涵)...
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