Despite gaining positive attention for his role in TVB legal drama OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下>, Hugo Wong‘s (黃子恆) love life hit a scandalous note. The 36-year-old actor was accused of sleeping with his fan and refusing to be responsible for her pregnancy. Rumored to be third wheel in Hiromi Wada’s (裕美) marriage two years ago, Hugo picked himself up from the mess and started focusing on filming. Since then, he was given many...
On December 4, Jackie Chan (成龍) will release the English version of his biography, Never Grow Up. Based on his Chinese biography, Jackie Chan: Got Old Before Growing Up <成龍:還沒長大就老了>, which was released in 2015, the English version includes a number of changes. When compared to the Chinese version, the English version uses more vulgar language and exposes Jackie’s bad behaviors as a result of his insecurity and immaturity....
Miss Hong Kong 2018 Winner: No. #17
The 19 contestants for the upcoming 2018 Miss Hong Kong Pageant made their first swimwear appearance in a press photocall on August 10. Donning sky blue swimsuits, the beauty hopefuls flashed their best smiles and flaunted their best assets to the press. #2 Kathy Chong (庄嘉慧) was not present due to illness. It has been a fair race so far—there hasn’t been a particular candidate that jarringly stands out in terms of high educational credits or...
Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) is known for being not only one of the highest-paid actresses to debut out of TVB, but also one of the most filial daughters in the industry. And that shouldn’t be a surprise. The 43-year-old bled sweat and tears to achieve the success she’s gotten today, and a lot of that was out of filial devotion to her mother, who single-handedly raised Charmaine and her two brothers on her own. Charmaine’s family came across a huge...