Sunday January 15, 2006 Taiwan

On January 14th, Jay Chou Kit Lun celebrated his birthday early with fans in Taipei. He said his wish for his 27th birthday is his fans' health. He said, "I hope my parents get along better and they don't act as awkwardly when they see each other."

Jay's girlfriend, Patty Hou's mother also appeared at Taipei airport. When asked if Jay will become her son-in-law, she happily said, "That would be great if they get...
Saturday January 13, 2006 Hong Kong

The JSG awards will be held this coming Sunday, January 15. On Sunday night, TVB will reveal the results of 40 awards.

As of right now, it looks like Joey and Hacken are the ones to win Favorite Female, Male Singers of the Year, respectively. Twins are most likely to win Favorite Group. While Janice and Justin are leading for Newcomers.
The leader board:
Joey Yung
Miriam Yeung
Denise Ho

Eason Chan
Hacken Lee
Leo Ku...

Thursday January 12, 2006 Hong Kong

Yesterday Justin Lo was at a 'Listen Yepp D! Play Yepp D!' party. He has gained a new MP3 player and has took pictures with the sexy girl models. But his stature is quite short and small, so the female models were taller than him by half a head. So he had an idea and stood on his tippy toes to match up with the models!

Justin is currently busy rehearsing for his concert and he said that he will have a...
Thursday January 12, 2006 Hong Kong

Stephen Fung Dak Lun has decided to terminate his contract with Jackie Chan's production company, JC Group. Stephen has decided to open his own production company.

There have been rumors that Stephen and JC Group had prior disagreement and that is the reason that Stephen is ending his contract. Stephen denied the rumors, "I signed the contract for only 2 years and I left on amicable terms. I am very grateful to Jackie Chan and Chan Ji Keurng...
Saturday January 14, 2006 Hong Kong

Leon, Eason and Miriam Wins Big at Asian Music Awards

Yesterday, Leon, Eason, and Miriam attended the Asian Music Awards and won big. Also winning awards were Michael Kong and Janice. The Asian Music Awards awards artists with statistics and approval from over 200 broadcasting stations and 84 television stations.

Leon, who expressed that he would not accept Hong Kong Awards anymore, still has many fans outside of Hong Kong. Garnering awards...